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Believe in YourSelf | Trust YourSelf | Be YourSelf | Free YourSelf | Empower YourSelf | Love YourSelf

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  • That something is missing, yet you’re not sure what?

  • Tired of repeating the same patterns, yet unsure how to change them?

  • Ready to live your most authentic, empowered and joyful life now?

There’s more to life than merely surviving and getting through the day. You are being called to live your higher purpose and share more of who you are with the world, yet who are you? What is it that you really want? And how do you even get there?

We’ve denied our truth for so long that we’re not even sure what that is anymore. We’ve bought into our fears and limitations and believed that we’re not worthy, not good enough and not deserving. We’re now feeling the pull from separation and fear into wholeness and love, yet this requires change and the unknown can feel uncertain and scary at times.

 Healing means to make whole and to accept all parts of myself — not just the parts I feel as though I may like, but ALL of me. ~ Louise Hay We have programs, beliefs, habits, addictions and attachments that hold us back. Yet the more we resist and try to hold on to what we know, the more suffering we create for our selves.

Mostly these patterns are unconscious and we’re not even aware of them. We may have the best intentions of changing our behaviour or achieving our goals, yet if our unconscious minds are not aligned we’ll keep attracting more of the same… the same relationship patterns, stuck in the same boring job, etc until the pain of staying the same becomes greater than the pain of changing.

You are not your behaviour and it’s my passion to facilitate your awakening to who you are beyond who you think yourself to be so that you may live the life your heart truly desires.


  • Conquer the fears and limitations that are holding you back?

  • Stop repeating the same patterns in relationships and in general?

  • Let go of your past and start anew?

  • Connect with your own truth and inner knowing?

  • Live a fulfilled life of purpose and passion?

  • Direct your life, using the power of your heart as your compass?

It’s time to emerge from your cocoon and into the beautiful butterfly you are, free to drink the abundant nectar of life!

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Whether you are wanting facilitation with a specific issue, support through any change or a complete transformation, we will discuss what process will suit you best.



I found the Soulworks' Breakthrough Program a completely exhilarating experience... ...I had a huge gate of doubt that is just no longer there. I feel completely confident in myself especially in my abilities and intuitions. I have an immense feeling of lightness and clarity. I now know for sure that there is Divine Order in this Universe and this has given me the gift of love, confidence and security."


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