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Can you feel the change?

July 17, 2012

It’s been just over a month since I published my last post What on Earth is going on?, in fact it was the night of the Venus Transit. Who would’ve thought that one planet would cause so much mayhem at a time when I was merrily tripping the light fantastic!


In order to bring the new feminine energy into balance with the masculine, it appears we’ve needed to heal the feminine consciousness first. Venus so graciously provided us with that energy – exposing any suppressed emotions and patterns, bringing to light that which still needed clearing. It’s been a time of integration, rest, reflection and re-evaluation.

For some it’s been an intense period, manifesting as emotional or physical discomfort, or both. You may have felt a sense of avoidance, wanting to shut out the world, not knowing your next step even though you thought you had it all figured out.

You may have been feeling caught between the old and the new. Flying high one moment, swept up in joy and connection, then dropping back down to clean up any unfinished business.

The veil is being lifted and it’s harder to hide in ignorance. The truth is finding its way through the cracks of fear and becoming impossible to ignore.
Either way, whether consciously or unconsciously, most have been feeling the great shift that is taking place as everything gets sped and stirred up. We’re all going through the process of purging, although being affected differently at different times. The veil is being lifted and it’s harder to hide in ignorance. The truth is finding its way through the cracks of fear and becoming impossible to ignore. Some feel a kind of midlife crises looming as they reassess their lives and what it is they’re here to do. It’s hardly surprising as Mother Earth is going through a ‘midlife’ crises of her own as she shifts into a new frequency.

It’s extremely apparent that our planet is in chaos. Yet because us human beings have been living in separation consciousness for so long, we forget that we are the microcosm of the macrocosm… what we do to our selves, we do to others and the planet, and vice versa. Even our thoughts that vibrate at the highest frequency affect the vibration of the Earth. We are not only accountable for our own lives, but for the wellbeing of our entire planet, simply by being who we are.

It’s easy to note the global change that is happening… economies, old belief systems and governments that are collapsing. The masses are starting to wake up and demand change, demand the truth. We’re taking back our power from the ‘powers that be’ who have been keeping us oppressed and asleep for so long. Pharmaceutical companies are being challenged, as well as large food corporations and banks. The old paradigm based on fear, control and separation is being questioned and brought to justice.

As challenging as these times are, the old has to break down to make way for the new. This is clearly happening on a global scale, yet we are the ones that are effecting this change. If you are reading this right now, chances are you have contracted to be here at this time to help shift the planet and humanity into the next dimension and it starts with your own personal shift.

This is a time of stepping into your own truth and power. You are being forced to take stock of what is real for you, what you need to learn from your past, forgive and let go of. Notice the areas in your life that are not working, and what it is that you need to acknowledge, face and transform in order to create the life you want.

Where is it that you need to step into your power more?

Where is it that you need to step into your truth more?

Where is it in your life that you are feeling uncomfortable?

Where can you change the patterns and behaviours that need changing in order to shift into alignment and integrity?

We are being compelled to step into our power, own who we are and what we are here to do. The ego is losing its grip as the heart takes over and rules our intelligence. We may feel as though we are being challenged on so many levels, whether it’s relationships, career or finances. Everything is being tested and if you’re not in integrity with your current situation, the illusion will break away to reveal the truth.

We are learning to communicate with honesty, which may be uncomfortable for those not yet in their hearts. We may want to hold on to our old ways for fear of change, but right now change is the only way through the chaos. Acceptance and surrender is what will make this transition an easier, more peaceful one – personally and globally.

As ideologies and belief systems are being challenged, be prepared to drop what you thought to be true in order to make space for that which resonates through your intuition and inner wisdom. Question everything you believed to be the truth and be open to gaining new insights and clarity, widening your perspective.

The caterpillar inside the cocoon needs to experience the darkness and pain of growing and getting stronger in order to push out into the light and fly towards freedom.

Honour where you are right now, as where you are is where you are meant to be. Allow your feelings, emotions and truth to surface so you can acknowledge all of you. The illusion of separation has taught us to resist our shadow selves, our flaws, our ‘dark side’. That we need to be a certain way and if we aren’t it means we are not good enough, not worthy. This has kept us playing small and from tapping into our true power and potential.

The liberation comes in acceptance of our shadow selves… when we accept the duality of who we are, we no longer resist and feel the need to wear masks. When we are in resistance we block ourselves from the flow and from fully experiencing all that we are. This is the key to loving our whole selves whilst moving from a paradigm of duality into one of unity. By loving and accepting ourselves for the perfection that we are, the ego has nothing to cling to and gives way to the truth of love being all there really is.

More so than ever, it’s time to step out of victimhood and into responsibility.

What can I acknowledge and take responsibility for so that I’m able to let go of the past and step into creation?

We hold the key to unlock the future of our planet and humanity simply through our own personal transformation. We are the change that will change our planet and it’s time we really got that!

Don’t fear the change, surrender to the inevitability of change and be the change that resides in your heart – your inner compass that will help navigate you through these rocky times.

Know that you are not alone and rather than just being sucked into the drama of your immediate situation, reach out to others. There is support all around you, whether it’s a professional or a friend. This is a time of coming together as One. Be present to this exciting time in history and reach out to your community with the gift of who you are.

Your intuition will be getting stronger and will help guide you to your purpose if it hasn’t yet already. Trust the synchronicities that are all around you. Nurture yourself, love yourself and share your self. You will feel less concerned about what others think of you, and more inspired to talk and walk your truth.

As you let go of the ego and the past, your future is like a blank canvas… nothing will feel like it used to.

What do you choose for yourself now that the old movie has lost its appeal? What do you choose for the planet?

We are writing a new script – make it one of love, unity, peace and whatever else you dream it to be.

Be gentle, compassionate and loving to your selves during this time. If you feel stuck in limbo, despondent or out of sorts, surrender and know this will pass. Focus on what you wish to create and let your imagination inspire and guide you to the other side. Don’t ever doubt your own significance and purpose. Your purpose is simply to awaken to all that you are and be the light that is needed to further tip the scales and bring upon this new era of heart consciousness.


With love,


  • Dan09-08-12

    I needed that! Thank you for the powerful words.

    • Tracy09-08-12

      It’s a pleasure Dan! Thank you for sharing, and so glad I could be of help in any way. With love, Tracy

  • Cherie Roe Dirksen07-18-12

    A brilliant and well written article. All this information is relevant, current and helpful, thank you for your insights, Tracy. I have linked this article to my blog that is coming out tomorrow.

    • Tracy07-19-12

      Thank you for your kind words Cherie! I’m glad you find this article helpful and thank you for linking to me from your site.
      Please feel free to add your link to your blog as it may interest my readers too.
      Warm wishes, Tracy

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