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5-step Process of Reclaiming your Power

September 9, 2012

Part 3 of Personal Power – the Watt, the How and the Why

It begins with awareness… awareness of how a person or situation has left you feeling – and how you respond accordingly.

You always have choice. You can choose to remain disempowered and keep swaying in the wind of effect. Or you can step up and decide which direction you’re going, with the wind at your back, propelling you forward.

So, now that we know where we may have given our power away, how do we go about reclaiming it?

Here’s a powerful process that can be adapted for any event of power failure:

1. Accept what is

Everything simply IS until we place judgement on it and give it our own meaning. Until we decide whether something is good or bad, positive or negative, etc. it simply is what it is. When we shift from trying to control someone or something into a place of acceptance, we’re able to take ourselves out of reaction and into neutral. We can step out of the drama and into the role of observer, gaining greater perspective and clarity.

2. Take responsibility

The law of cause and effect states that for every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction… we’re ALWAYS at cause. We consciously or unconsciously create our own reality through the choices we make or don’t make. Being the victim of a situation puts us in an extremely disempowered and stuck place. Taking responsibility for your part is the first step to creating new empowering choices.

It’s about acknowledging our weaknesses and where we need to step up every time we get the opportunity. This helps to break our patterns and shift us into new ways of being, thereby attracting new opportunities. People and situations in your life will always be there to show you your areas of challenge, highlight your insecurities and give you the opportunity to transform and step into your power. When we blame and cast the light on someone else, we’re keeping ourselves in the dark and missing out on the gift that’s being offered to us.

3. Forgive

When you’re in the role of observer and have taken accountability, you’re able to have enough awareness of where or how you could have lost your power. Forgive yourself for any reaction you may have had or for the current circumstance you find yourself in. Forgiveness and compassion are keys to any healing and can instantly take the negative charge out of a situation.

Ho’oponopono* is the ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness, and is one of the simplest, yet most powerful processes I know. It’s a little mantra consisting of:  I am sorry, forgive me, I love you and thank you. It’s based on the fundamental law of cause and effect, assuming full responsibility for everything in your life, clearing the karmic cycle and returning to point zero.

4. Find the Gift

When you’re in a place of responsibility, you’re able to see the gift this person or situation has brought you. People and events in your life will always be there to show you your areas of challenge – exposing parts of you that lurk deep in the corners of your shadow… parts you may not like to acknowledge or are even conscious of. They bring to light what you generally would suppress or avoid. Be grateful for your teacher for he/she/it is there to press your buttons and make visible to you that which was unseen before. Each time you get these lessons, you’re adding to your toolbox, expanding your options and creating different results.

5. Take Action

Now that you can see what this person or situation has triggered in you, you’re able to claim your power through transformation. What action can you now take that would go against your usual unconscious reactions? How can you step more fully into your truth and power? This isn’t about controlling anyone else, it’s about honouring your truth and your path. What step can you take towards the liberation of your spirit? Perhaps it’s simply a task that needs carrying out that you’re now able to do proactively, rather than reactively. At times you may not be able to directly change anything, but you can at least get your power back. Go for a walk, a run, meditate or get into nature – do anything that will help re-charge your batteries and reconnect you to your Source. Just keep taking the next right action and trust that each step will lead to the next.

I find by getting still and consciously connecting with each of the 5 steps above, the insights and gifts land in my awareness with such profound clarity, that my power is instantly restored as I step into action.

The more you engage with this process, the more you’re able to reveal your truth and your power. By building this muscle of integrity and responsibility, you are breaking patterns that cause resistance, and your life will naturally flow in a direction that’s aligned with your highest good and purpose.

1. Accept

2. Take Responsibility

3. Forgive

4. Find the Gift

5. Take Action

And watch your power levels increase as you take your life to a more free, peaceful and exciting new level of vibration!

*Click here to download more about Ho’oponopono

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