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Why it’s crucial to claim your power!

September 19, 2012


Our planet is undergoing immense upheaval at the moment… we all are. For so long now we’ve been living under the rule of oppressive forces, oblivious to the control they’ve had over us – from the food we eat to the beliefs and the decisions we make. Many are now waking up to the truth and demanding that things change. This is an exciting time in our history, yet also a chaotic one as resistance usually precedes any real change.


Often we’ll feel overwhelmed by the state of our planet, economy and the negative impact we, as humanity, are continuing to have on her. We tend to think “what difference could I possibly make?” and fail to realise that we ARE the difference.

We do have the power to change the world we live in. When we realise our true potential and step into responsibility instead of being the victim, that’s when things will really change. When we stop complaining about where we are as a race, and how it’s all a complete f@*k up, only then can we truly take back our power.

If we all decide that our reality is that the planet is going down the toilet, well then… flush… there it goes. It’s time to wake up, take ownership for what we’ve done and focus on a solution. The law of polarity insists that every problem has a solution – and the solution starts with us! As we step more fully into our own power and truth, we will naturally demand that things change in our environment.

The more that people are waking up, stepping up and showing up, the more that everything out of integrity is collapsing. We are the microcosm of the macrocosm… as we step more into our own authenticity and integrity, so we tip the scales of power from the dark to the light. We are all responsible for the momentum of that tipping, and it starts with claiming your own personal power and remembering the truth of who you are. You are here right now on planet Earth to help with this shift. You are that powerful and that important!

We may have days when we feel, “what’s the point?” and the point is that we’re here going through the chaos, making the changes we need to make on the inside, so that it reflects on the outside. Due to everything being energy, when we increase our own vibration, we increase the vibration of the planet, healing her and bringing her into balance and wholeness.

Having a WHY attached to any goal adds a deeper sense of purpose, compelling you to keep striving forward, knowing that your actions are fuelled by a greater vision. It gives me such joy and hope when I see people taking responsibility for their lives, facing their fears, taking the more challenging path of growth and speaking and living their truth. I see all you beautiful people, not only embarking on this journey for yourselves, but for Mother Earth, her creatures and the whole of humanity.

All the planet needs right now is for you to be you – the real you. To shine the light you’ve learned to mask. To be true to yourselves and others. To keep expanding your reservoir of power, increasing your vibration and inadvertently shifting the entire planet into the next dimension!

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