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Are you resisting or allowing?

November 2, 2012

Whilst still wiping the sleep from my eyes after generations of catatonic slumber, I find myself hurtling at hyper-speed down the rabbit hole, shedding deep beliefs and connections to an old paradigm, and all the while trying to negotiate unknown terrain through the eyes of a newborn.

Hey, no one said it would be easy!

But it sure can be an exciting and wild ride if you get out of your own way.

There’s an upsurge of everything that needs purging in order for our planet and humanity to come into complete balance and harmony. Basically the sh!t is bubbling to the surface! That which needs to be revealed is being revealed to allow us to make new choices and decide how WE want the world to be, as opposed to being herded further down the road of suppression and separation.

The amount of chaos and our ability to handle these changes will be up to us as to how we react. Basically, we have two options – resist or allow? Do we create suffering for our selves by desperately trying to cling on to old beliefs and attachments because it’s what we know? Or do we rather trust in the bigger picture of our personal and planetary evolution and flow with the change, breaking apart our shackles as we go?

As the energy around us intensifies, so too does our sensitivity to our environment and our own truth. This gives us the opportunity to face our fears, our emotions and programs that are keeping us stuck in duality.

The irony of shifting into unity consciousness is that we first have to embrace the duality of where we are right now. In order for humanity and our planet to come together as the ONE that we are, we need to become whole within our selves first. To heal means to make whole. The only way to truly heal is to accept ALL that we are and not just the bits that we label good or acceptable. If we embrace the parts we like, but ignore or suppress the parts we don’t, we’re only creating further separation, disconnection and conflict within our selves. No changes are ever made in denial. We have to be honest so we can see where to dig in order to transform our gunk into gold.

On a soul level, we are already whole and perfect … we’ve just been anesthetized and have forgotten! When we bring the various aspects of who are together, and embrace ALL that we are – we re-Member. The more we learn to live in the present moment of Now (where there is no future or past to compare or judge ourselves) the easier it is to re-member.

Beneath all fears, judgements, and dis-ease lies our JOY… the essence of our true being. In order to fully express and experience our joy as a way of being, rather than a feeling we get in relation to an external event, we have to sift through the stuff that’s weighing heavily on top. By suppressing it all with food, alcohol, medication, and other avoidance strategies we’re just packing the pressure cooker so tight, that eventually something will give. And that’s the difference between the sh!t bubbling to the surface or imploding / exploding!

It’s called e-motion. There’s energy in all emotion. FEEL everything that arises in you, embrace it, use it as a wave to take you to your core. Allow it to wash away the debris of illusion so you can see what’s stuck beneath. When we numb our pain instead of experiencing it, we numb the joy as well. Facing our fears with the courage of our heart allows us to learn, evolve and walk through to the Light on the other side.

We’re moving from the head to the sacred heart… from the home of the ego into the home of Love. When we truly activate our hearts, the illusion of separation falls away, as fear and Love cannot co-exist. To fully open our hearts is to be vulnerable, is to experience all that we are and all that we feel and share our truth. The more we master this process of shifting into the heart, the higher our vibration becomes and the more we’re able to experience the sheer bliss that goes with it.

We’ve been trapped and suppressed in a system for so long now that we’ve forgotten who and how powerful we are. We’ve been programmed to not believe in our own magnificence. We punish our selves with damaging self-talk, substance abuse and unhealthy eating because that’s how we’ve learned to cope with our pain. We’ve been in auto pilot mode and the only way to not continue down the path of self-destruction is to take back the steering wheel and choose the course of LOVE. Embrace ALL that you are. Know that you ARE worthy, special and important enough to truly take care of.

You are not alone… we are all on this ride together… The difference is how we experience the journey.

You choose… Resist and eventually derail? Or Allow and let life show you the way back home to your heart?

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