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Question everything?

February 4, 2013

In the age of Information we have a universal library at our fingertips. We can research any topic from candy floss to chemtrails. Everyone and their cat has a blog or site sharing their interests and perspectives, each one de-bunking the other. So where does that leave the viewer? You have to discern what’s true for you based on your own beliefs. Yet how can you be open to entertaining new information if you’re still desperately clinging on to your old beliefs?

Are you open to entertaining new information and uncovering new possibilities? Or do you hear something and default to your original belief, dismissing anything contrary as nonsense?

As a ’truth seeker’ it’s my natural curiosity to delve beneath what is presented to me as the status quo and dig a little deeper. We are brought up in an educational system that encourages us to accept everything as gospel without any question. We are then required to regurgitate it back in parrot fashion for the ultimate reward of approval.

Growing up I never had the courage to speak up against what didn’t make sense to me… let’s face it, it’s hard enough fitting into the system, never mind being an outsider. Over the years I’ve learned to honour my own truth based on what resonates with me, rather then what I’ve been taught to believe and accept. Speaking out against the thread of common knowledge does, however, often meet with huge resistance. Few people are open to hearing anything outside their basic understanding of what they believe to be true.

How to lose friends and alienate people… Be different

There comes a time though when you realise that you cannot be anyone other than you – that you’re you for a reason and by not sharing your ‘you’ness, you’re doing humanity an injustice. Why else would you be here if not to share who you are with the world? There’s no one else that can be you so stop trying to please and meet the expectations of others at the expense of your ‘you’niqueness. It’s truly empowering and liberating to be able to stand up for your self (who better to do that than you, right?) and live into who you really are, as opposed to the showing the face you think you need to present to the world in order to be accepted.

Why should we question everything?

It’s necessary to keep re-evaluating what’s true for you and what’s not. Beliefs can pass their sell-by date and no longer be relevant. Holding on so tightly to an old belief as if it defines who you are can limit your growth and freedom. It’s like a snake who’s skin is too tight, constricting and stunting his growth. By shedding his skin he’s able to expand and move more freely with comfort and ease until that skin becomes too tight, and so he keeps shedding and growing.

We just have to look at religion to see how some people hold on so tightly to their beliefs that if someone else believes any different, it’s worth killing and dying for.

We do not see the world as it is, but as we are. We receive 400 billion bits of information per second via our senses which then gets deleted, distorted or generalised based on our internal filters (beliefs, values, emotions, etc) down to only 2000 bits of information. This limited perception is how we see the world.

For example if you believe it’s hard to make money, you will receive all the information that confirms that it’s hard to make money. When you begin questioning your beliefs as to whether they are actually serving you or not, you open up to a whole range of new possibilities.

This is true not only for the personal beliefs we hold, but for our global beliefs too. Like I said, Question everything…

One person’s common sense is another person’s bullsh!t

For me, it makes sense that proper nutrition, nurturing thoughts and Love can cure an illness. Others see toxic chemicals such as chemotherapy, radiation and medication as a means to achieve health. Why? Because Doctor’s say so? And a pharmaceutical industry worth $600 billion a year wants you to believe that?

I believe our minds and bodies are so powerful that people can get better, not from medication, radiation and chemical toxins, but despite them.

It’s safe to say that I don’t generally agree with conventional medicine. (Eek, there I said it.) That doesn’t make me wrong or right, it just makes me, me. The question is do I keep my views to myself and ‘play it safe’ or do I share them? By offering new perspectives perhaps I get others to think out the box, to uncover their own truth. Empowerment is one of the greatest gifts I believe anyone can give themselves.

The first stage of learning is called ‘Unconscious Incompetence’ ­­– When you don’t know that you don’t know.

In 1949 Cigarette adverts carried taglines such as “More Doctors Smoke Camel than any other cigarette.” Not so long ago, it was socially acceptable and ‘normal’ to smoke while pregnant. It was commonplace to smoke in aeroplanes, cinemas and restaurants.

Things have evolved so rapidly in the past few decades how can they not continue to evolve, that when we look back in 10 years time we’re probably going to be thinking “Wow, can you believe we used to think that that was OK?

If I dare mention the harmful effects of GMOs, pesticides, additives, etc I usually get met with the common response of  ”Well we grew up with that and there’s nothing wrong with us”. Really? So then why are so many people fighting cancer, ‘incurable’ diseases, depression and having heart attacks?

It’s pretty sad to think that people have accepted this to be ‘normal’ – that being depressed, anxious, ill, having some type of disorder and being medicated is a standard way of life. Our bodies are designed to heal themselves. We are not separate from nature, we ARE nature. Our bodies are created to live in harmony with our environment… we are one of the same. Our dis-ease comes from the separation from who and what we fundamentally are.

Our bodies were never designed to process Genetically Modified Organisms. They were never designed to process artificial colourants, flavourants and preservatives. They were never designed to process toxic pesticides that are so freely used on all our produce.

Yet we consume ‘food’ every day that is so far removed from what food really is and wonder why people are struggling with physical, mental and emotional issues. People complain and say “but organic is so expensive“. Compared to what? Cancer? Medical bills and health insurance? Lifelong medication? A compromised lifestyle?

Are we really so apathetic and disconnected from our own common sense that we continue to destroy our bodies, thinking we can just take a pill to counteract the imbalance? Or have we been brainwashed for so long that whatever the food corporations throw at us and the media pumps out has to be ‘the truth’.

Or are we indifferent because on a deep subconscious level we all carry universal beliefs of “I’m not worthy”, “I’m not good enough”, “I’m not deserving” and we’re unconsciously in self-destruct mode?

…Just asking

Whatever mainstream society claims to be true is clearly not working. People are unhappy, disconnected, depressed, unhealthy, sick, poor and stressed. This means that there’s a fundamental chasm in the system. Yet do we continue plastering over it with more of the same? Or do we get to the root of the problem and create a more balanced, whole, happy and thriving society?

Your life, your body, your health, your well-being and your happiness is your responsibility, no one else’s. It’s time to stand in your power and make choices that honour your right to thrive, not just survive.

Question everything… ask why? Ask how? Do the research. FInd your own voice and share your uniqueness with the world. If we all respected everyone’s perspectives without the need to impose them on others, this world may be a richer, more authentic and peaceful place.

Find your own truth and be your own leader!


What are your thoughts? Should we be keeping quiet, thinking who are we to speak our truth? Or should be be having open discussions about the things we dare not speak about? Should we continue debating whether Brad and Angelina are going to go the distance? Or should we be discussing the fundamental questions in life… like ‘where do we come from?’ ‘Why are we here?’ ‘Is Chuck Norris really human?’ Ha, OK skip the last one…

But seriously, I’d love to hear your thoughts.




If you’re ready to do some digging, here are a few links to get you started…

Gwen Olsen, a former top pharmaceutical rep speaks out about the drug industry

Steve Pavlina: What’s the Deal with Flouride?

The Fluoride Deception exposes the truth about water fluoridation and the phosphate mining industry

Some GMO Facts 

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