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Living your Bliss!

July 11, 2013

I remember a specific climb in the Cederberg called ‘The Abyss‘, a grade 22, which at the time was my hardest Redpoint* attempt (*a term in climbing which means leading a route to the top without falling or resting on the rope).

I had told my (very accommodating) friends, “I am not leaving here until I send this route”. I had the desire and the determination, but did I have the mental and physical strength and stamina? This route has an easy beginning, a ‘pumpy’ overhanging middle section and then it’s the crux (which is the hardest move on a climb.)

Well I got spat off that crux about four times! I’d get there pumped and adrenalized and either mess up the sequence or just not have the strength to pull through it. Each time I’d come back down and start again… knowing that the chances of falling (or rather failing) again were pretty high.

But I had said I’m not leaving until I get this and after around four attempts the sun was now close to setting. This was my last chance. My heart was racing, my weary body was saying “really? You’re really going make me do this again?”

I dig deep, chalk up and go regardless.

Breathing slowing and deeply to calm my nerves and centre myself,  I make my way up to the overhang, pull through the roof and get to the crux.

Ignoring the complete tantrum that’s going on inside my head, I shove my hand in the rail. Grip the little crimper on the right. Place my toe on the tiny little edge, while my leg is shaking like a sewing machine. Stand up. Reach for the crimper to the left. Swap feet. Reach for the hold to the right and …“OMG I’m sticking this hold!’

I quickly get to the next rail and the realisation that I’ve got through has suddenly hit and the pressure to finish the route has set my adrenalin into overdrive.

I have to slow down my breathing to keep it together and focus carefully on each move so I don’t go mess up now right near the end. My tenacity overrides my fatigue and pulls me through to the top of the chains. The final clip. Yesss!!!!

The exhilaration and relief washes through me as I watch the sun set over the Cederberg mountains.

This is what it means to be ALIVE!


Living your bliss is about living your truth, finding what fuels your heart and letting that be the compass that guides you. Each one of us has unique gifts to share with the world – we all have a purpose. I believe that purpose is for us to each awaken to our most authentic selves and forge a path that is guided by our true heart’s desires.

In order to find your truth though you have to face everything that’s not in alignment with that and be willing to let it go. You have to leave your comfort zone and have the courage to deal with the biggest obstacle in your path, YOU.

When you honour your heart you’ll be compelled to live more and more in service of it. The desire is strong, the determination is there, but you still need to get off the ground.

We’ve been programmed to survive. We are wired with a Psycho Cybernetic Mechanism that rings an alarm bell every time we go out of our comfort zone. Any deviation sends neural transmitters which create doubts, fear and anxiety to bring us back there. It’s safe, it’s predictable, it’s … boring. But it doesn’t know whether we want to stay there or not. It doesn’t know that growth requires us to move beyond that comfort zone. It’s job is to simply bring us back there.

Familiarity a powerful force in human beings and without over-riding and re-setting this mechanism we don’t get to experience and express our fullest potential.

Survival is so prehistoric… we’re here to THRIVE. Yet it’s not easy in a world that’s been governed by external success, money, security and needing to be ‘realistic’. People are so busy trying to fit into system that our education has primed us for that we don’t often ask ourselves “Am I deeply fulfilled and ALIVE to the core of my being?” And If not, “what am I going to do about it?”

I’m sure you’ve experienced those moments when you’re lying in bed and you have an epiphany – a great idea. You get soo excited… you can’t wait to get up and begin your new project, your new life! Nothing is going to stop you…

And then… you wake up.

What were you thinking? And the list of a million reasons why you can’t do that begins to unravel. The flame in your belly has been instantly snuffed and you spend the rest of the day deflated in the smokey aftermath.

Our analytical mind has to be the greatest killjoy there is. Granted he has his place in the world, but given half the chance, he’ll gatecrash and poop all over any party!

Finding your bliss is the one part, living it is the courageous part.

Living our truth is not always easy, we have to stretch ourselves, challenge our old programming, shift our beliefs of ‘not being worthy’, over-ride our fears of rejection and step into a power we never believed we had. But what is life if not lived and expressed fully and authentically?


So when I find myself facing yet another crux on this majestic mountain I am climbing, I have to remind myself…

In order to follow my bliss, I need to be willing to leave the ground behind me.

When feeling defeated, to dig deeper and find that inner strength and perseverance that I know I have.

When I fall, to get up, chalk up and find another way.

When my head starts making a noise, to take a deep breath, re-centre and just focus on my next move.

And when I’m at the top, I’ll set my sights on the next route because life isn’t linear with a beginning and an end, it’s more like a spiral taking me deeper and deeper to the core of who I am as I peel back the layers.

It’s an inner journey that isn’t happening around me, but rather through me as I intimately connect to each moment ­– the fear, the doubt, the pain, the joy, the exhilaration.

That’s what keeps me on the rock and that’s what keeps me ALIVE!

Click here to find out more about the ‘Living your Bliss Coaching Programme‘… designed to support you in finding your truth and treasure, let go of any mental clutter or unconscious programming that is weighing you down, and move forward with practical tools that will help you create and live a heart -inspired life.

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