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Separated from Birth… from Mother Earth

September 19, 2013

This post was written as a speech for a Toastmasters project, so feel free to insert some gestures and a healthy injection of passion while reading. I joined Toastmasters to get over my fear of public speaking and now I’m beginning to quite like the idea of speaking to people who have to listen to what I’ve got to say… and it seems I have a lot to say!

“I was trying to think back to how my love for nature began, and I realised it wasn’t so much a specific moment, as it is an inherent bond… like a baby who still remains connected to her Mother after birth, even though the physical umbilical has been cut.

Some of my fondest childhood memories are of living on the mountainside. My sister and I used to try eat the plants and flowers to see what they tasted like – I swear the aftertaste of some of them still lingers. I remember making a nest on one of the rocks outside and placing eggs I had taken from my fridge in it, thinking a bird will come and sit on them and hatch some chicks. The next day the eggs were gone… and no chicks.

From a young age I didn’t much like the human race. I saw us as destroying our planet and had more of an affinity with animals. I wanted to be a dolphin trainer, but then decided I didn’t like the idea of dolphins being in captivity. My science expo project was about laboratory testing on animals – entitled “Vivisection: are humans humane?” And then as I grew older I realised animals weren’t the ones that needed the help, people were. We must be really suffering if we can cause this much suffering to each other and the planet. If I was going to help change the world (no small feat), it needed to start with me… and I needed to start liking humans, in fact loving them because essentially Divine Love and connection are the keys to a thriving future.

Nature is not something separate from us, we are nature. When we disconnect from nature we disconnect from our selves.

“Most people are on the world, not in it – having no conscious sympathy or relationship to anything about them – undiffused, separate and rigidly alone like marbles of polished stone, touching but separate”  – John Muir.

Our planet is a living, breathing organism. Everything is alive with pure consciousness and when we connect to nature we align with and tap into that consciousness, connecting to a higher aspect of who we are – our true essence. We subconsciously activate a forgotten memory of the Love and Oneness that we really are.

For me, being in nature is like going back home. I feel a deep sense of belonging, at peace with all that is. Any stresses feel insignificant in comparison to the vastness of beauty and wonder that surrounds me.

Mother nature helps us to connect with the feminine right side of our brain, giving us fresh perspective, new ideas, creative flow and reconnecting us to our hearts.

Not only does she benefit the mind, heart and spirit, but the body too.

The Earth maintains a negative electrical potential on its surface and because we contain a large number of charged ions (electrolytes) in our blood and body fluids, our bodies are naturally conductive so when we come directly into contact with the ground (through walking, sitting or lying) we absorb these electrons into our body, bringing it to the same potential as the earth. Also known as Grounding.

Our immune system functions optimally when we have an adequate supply of electrons so the health benefits are numerous. As well as being the best (and most affordable) antioxidant, it also protects us from the disruptive Electro Magnetic Fields we’re exposed to on a daily basis.

Traditionally shoes were made of leather, which conducts electrons. However, modern day rubber and plastics are electrical insulators and therefore block the beneficial flow of electrons from the earth to your body, as of course do our roads and paving. Every living being needs the earth for balance and energy harmonization!

Throughout our existence humanity has been closely bonded with nature. It’s only in recent times that we’ve created a man-made environment that’s not only destroying our own health, but the health of our planet. The chaos and destruction is so huge because we relate to nature to being something outside of ourselves. “the more we dominate, own and control, the more separate we experience ourselves. And the more separate we experience ourselves, the greater the urge to dominate, to own, to control” – Charles Eisenstein

We are inextricably connected to every life form on this planet… Animate or inanimate, everything is energy vibrating at different frequencies and speeds. And because our thoughts are high frequency energy they have a direct impact on your life, your environment, humanity and the entire planet.


You may have heard of Dr Emoto who introduced the idea that water not only reflects the outside world (as in a placid lake or still pond acting as a mirror) but also reflects the consciousness surrounding it. The experiments to discover this included bottles filled with water that were either under a positive or negative influence. Words of love and encouragement created beautifully symmetrical crystals. Words of hate, anger and criticism were discoloured and malformed. Considering that our bodies are between 50 to 75 % water, this says a lot about how are thoughts and words affect our health. And because we are a webstring in the web of life, affecting our planet too.

The future of our planet relies on us being in harmony with her. Living in balance within ourselves and within our environment. Nature provides… she is abundant with resources – water, food, shelter, energy and yet humanity struggles in lack. She teaches us and heals us… it’s up to us to connect to her wisdom and create a symbiotic relationship that has long been forgotten.

Be with nature, not just in it. listen to the wisdom within the stillness.

Walk barefoot on the beach and feel the deep connection you share.

Feel the strength and protection of the mountains, the cleansing breath of the wind.

We are one with all of life, and it’s time to remember that.”


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2013: The big squeeze into expansion

April 1, 2013

In mid-2012 I wrote “What on Earth is going on? about how we’re moving into a new era and what that exactly means. Shortly after that it was the Venus Transit bringing us an opportunity to heal the feminine consciousness which I shared in “Can you feel the Change? Now a third of the way into 2013 after having entered the Age of Aquarius, some may be wondering, “Where is this so-called New Earth?” The old dies hard and below may be what some of you have been experiencing this year. 

We’re in the throes of great change and upheaval. The energy of an old paradigm is dissipating and we’re left feeling unsteady as we adjust to a new vibrational frequency.

The dust of an old world is still hanging over us, leaving us in the dark, not able to clearly see what lies ahead. The light is brighter but it’s shining in the corners of our unconscious minds, illuminating our shadow and bringing to light what needs to be brought into balance.

At times it may feel like we’re lost out at sea, treading water as we venture towards the unknown beyond the horizon. The sea is choppy and the more you resist and fight the currents, the harder the journey becomes. Your fears, doubts and antiquated beliefs will weigh you down and weaken your efforts of getting to shore. You’ll feel like you’re drowning if you don’t cut them loose. Embrace the unknown like a child, letting wonder and curiosity keep you light and buoyant.

There is no going back, what’s left behind is crumbling away and what lies ahead is whatever you choose to plant in your imagination. Allow the currents to wash through you and clear out the old debris, leaving you open to new possibilities. This isn’t a peaceful lake that you’re drifting down… it’s stormy, tumultuous and there’s nothing solid to hold onto. You have to BE that something solid – you’re out at sea on your own, with no one to blame anymore. You’ll be experiencing what you‘ve been projecting on the outside, on the inside now. It’s time to clean ship. Your emotions are intensified as you’re forced to face and embrace ALL aspects of yourself.

Although this may feel overwhelming at times and met with resistance and avoidance, you’ll soon discover the best way to get to shore is to surrender to the process and flow with the tide. Face what needs facing – forgive, let go and let the grieving process of what you’ve left behind crack open your heart to reveal your true power within.

Use your inner guidance and intuition to lead you to shore. Just because you can’t see what lies ahead yet, doesn’t mean it’s not there. Keep trusting that the more you’re willing to let go of the fears that are keeping you anchored to what you left behind, the smoother your journey becomes. There will be sea serpents and dragons to slay along the way, but with each encounter and swipe of your sword of courage, you’ll build more confidence and power until you move past them with greater ease.

You may experience vulnerability and instability as currents quicken and intensify but trust that this all part of awakening to your authentic self. There will be reefs in between where you get to rest and integrate your higher consciousness while enjoying the fruits of your hard work before you’re back treading more water. Sometimes it’ll feel like you’ve covered some distance only to feel pulled back again by the current and wonder if you’re making any ground.

It’s like peeling back the layers of an onion as we go in a spiral deeper and deeper to our core. Issues we may have thought we’d resolved re-appear with an extra layer of intensity and opportunity to clear more completely. Welcome this opportunity and trust that if you are feeling squeezed, it means you are growing – expansion is always preceded by contraction.

As our planet keeps shifting into a higher frequency we’ll feel like everything is speeding up… what used to take weeks to process can take days or hours. We’re moving through our stuff quicker which can feel all-consuming, yet we’re also manifesting quicker so be conscious of your thoughts, as they are the seeds of your future.

Our New Earth is like a computer operating system that has been upgraded but if you’re still running on old software, you’ll have incompatibility issues and eventually hang (get stuck). Your old programming is obsolete in this new paradigm.

While we’re in the process of ‘upgrading’ there’s a time of integration and of being in the void ­– and we’ll do anything not to sit in the unknown, we’ll dance around it in avoidance (a void dance). We don’t want to be in the dark, we don’t want to feel what’s not happy, joyful, blissful, certain, exciting. And we’ll analyse why we may be feeling out of sorts, give ourselves reasons and justifications… anything to not actually FEEL. And so it simply perpetuates. There’s power in the ‘I don’t know’, use it as a time to get to know who you are and what you want on a deeper level.

Feel it. Own it. Love ALL of you. We’re moving from the separation of duality into unity and Oneness… accept all polarities without judging them to be good or bad. Before anything was labelled, it simply was. Labels create division within and between our selves and the world. Accept and embrace all that you are with compassion and only then can you be free to be completely you.

The resistance is your ego fighting to hold on to what it knows and the more that gets illuminated, the more desperate it becomes at clinging on. When you notice you’re in resistance, ask yourself “what belief am I holding on to that is keeping me stuck?” What ‘BS’ story are you telling yourself? Your story will reveal the belief you are holding. (BS = Belief System!)

You are being called to live up to your highest potential… dissolve the walls, release the fear and let your heart and soul guide the way. No more hiding from yourself or the world, you are here for a reason and it’s time for your soul’s full expression.

Your head will continue to get in the way if you still believe that it is in the driver’s seat. It isn’t. Your heart is your power… it is the flame that will ignite any of your ideas and bring them to life. Dare to be braver than your fears. Dare to be freer than your limitations. Be the warrior that you are, with courage as your sword, cutting through the inner barriers and obstacles so to reach your home of infinite power and Love.

The energies are here to activate the wisdom of our heart-mind, reveal our light and learn to live in the world with our feet connected to Earth, our hearts connected to each other and the Divine Light flowing through us. We have access to every possible reality within us and we get to decide what that reality is. We can choose to run the old software with all the glitches and keep dancing around the void until we eventually crash. Or let go of that old programming and upgrade to the new heart-based OS.

All the while remember, you are the swimmer and you are the shore. There is no ‘getting there’, it’s more a matter of logging out of the old conditioning that caused you to forget who you truly are and why you are here. Be in your body, in your heart, in your truth. Don’t let the outside picture distort your inner knowing. Things may look and feel scattered and unsettled, but trust that soon after the dust storm, the dust comes to settle and new life begins to grow and flourish!


This article may be republished as is, with no changes made and all links active.
© 2013 Tracy Russell

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