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Attract what you want

Do you feel stuck in your current situation?

Are you experiencing the same stuff over and over and wondering why nothing is changing?

Do you wish to get different results in your life?

Whether it’s a trust issue, a fear, a frustration, or any particular issue that you’re currently experiencing, this 4-hour process can help completely shift your perspective and transform what you are currently experiencing into what you WANT to experience.

The Facts

97% of our perception and behaviour is controlled by our conditioned/unconscious mind.

400 billion bits of information per second are processed via our senses and self talk. This information is distorted, deleted and generalised according to our filters, down to only 2 000 bits of information that our conscious mind perceives as our unique reality!

This means a huge amount of information gets dropped and never reaches our conscious mind. Your 2 000 bits and my 2 000 bits will be completely different, based on our particular filters.

These filters are broken down into 3 main Categories: Core, Process and Key.


These are our human NEEDS which service the basis of every choice we make. There is positive intent behind every behaviour and even the most destructive behaviours can be justified internally by meeting our core needs. The behaviour you are producing is geared to fulfil one or more of these needs at any given time.

Certainty: (i.e. security, safety, consistency in relationships, financial security)

Variety (i.e. risk, surprises, challenges that exercise our physical and emotional range)

Significance (i.e. a sense of being needed, sense of meaning and purpose, a feeling of importance, uniqueness)

Love/connection (i.e experience feeling loved, connected with others, bonding, intimacy, sharing)

And also the needs of our Soul:



When you discover the last two needs, your life becomes that much more fulfilling and rewarding.

We are all consistently seeking to meet our core needs and we tend to value two of them above others. The dominant two will influence your behaviour the most.


  • Values
  • Beliefs
  • Memories
  • Decisions
  • Attitudes
  • Language
  • Time/space/matter/energy
  • Meta programs 

These filters shape our focus and our reality.



This one holds the KEY of your focus! It’s the sum total of all your filters as your mind created a question, usually just one question that summarises all of your filters.

It is basically one question that filters your conscious and unconscious thinking all the time. It determines what you will notice and experience in life. You’re asking it consciously or unconsciously regardless of what you are doing and most of the time we’re not even aware of this question, yet alone the great impact that it is having on our lives.

Your KFF filters your focus, your thoughts and the way you will feel about something, influencing the way you will react to it. It constantly runs in your mind on auto pilot and as you may know by now, what you look for you will find. What you think about you become about. What you focus on, you create.

Your Key Focus Filter will insist on filtering the majority of the information you receive through this one question… that one question that is so important to you that it filters all incoming information as if your life depended on it.

Do you know what your Key Focus Filter is?

Considering that whatever you are experiencing right now is based on the 2 000 bits of information you are receiving, and that your key focus filter is largely responsible for what that information is, it makes sense that you can shift your experience, just by changing this one question!

Are you ready to change it to a new empowering one?

Through a series of questions, we’ll explore where you are right now, what you’re wanting and elicit your Key Focus Filter. If it’s debilitating, limiting and not serving you, we’ll redesign your KFF to include all that you DO want to see in your world!

We’ll then replace your old Key Focus Filter with your new one effortlessly and powerfully on the unconscious level.

This involves only 2 x two-hour sessions providing powerful transformation in a quick and effortless way.

Investment: R1 800* (R450 per hour session)

*Special for the month of April – only R1 600!

Are you ready to shift your perspective and draw more of what you want into your life?

*(denotes required field)









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