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I’ve had the pleasure of working with such wonderful people who are all using their unique gifts to contribute in their own special way.

Here are some of my clients ‘experiences of the Breakthrough Process, as well as links to the amazing work they’re doing…

I had to email you and let you know that because of the change in me, my husband has moved out of all his stress and drama. He avoids negative people and has stopped working 12 hrs a day, 7 days a week. He has found balance in his life at last. I am flabbergasted at the change in him.

I had disconnected from his drama without even noticing and wow what a result. You see what happens when a person changes, you were so right

I have my 1st paying customer tomorrow eve… I have full faith and trust that all will go well and am just so proud that for the 1st time I am charging.

I am doing so well, thanks to you! We have been through hell this last month with an ex boss again and we both have been able to calmly deal with it and just let it go. It does not consume me like it used to so I know the course I did with you has not only changed me BUT my whole family, which is incredible and to be able to live life now and not just survive is amazing. I always thought you needed money to do this but it is so not true!!

Damn, years & years of counselling, etc and here in about two weeks you manage to help me & it turns my whole family around as well!!

 ~ Claire

“I found the Soulworks program a completely exhilarating experience.

I have done a lot of soul searching and work on myself over the years but still felt like I had certain blockages that needed clearing in order for me to truly move on. The sessions were perfectly arranged to allow the unfolding process to take place in the most efficiently smooth way. I was left with enough time for reflection after each session but also not too much time, so that the whole process was achieved in 2 weeks – this was a commitment to the program and the process.

I felt in control at all times with the gentle and professional guidance of Tracy. It was an empowering, uplifting and freeing experience. I now feel like I have shut down the programs/lessons that no longer serve me and have set a new belief structure for an exciting new life.

I had a huge gate of doubt that is just no longer there. I feel completely confident in myself especially in my abilities and intuitions. I have an immense feeling of lightness and clarity. I now know for sure that there is Divine Order in this Universe and this has given me the gift of love, confidence and security.

Thank you, Tracy. I feel anyone contemplating this process would greatly benefit from this practice.”

~ Cherie Roe Dirksen
Self-empowerment author and artist

“When I first came to Tracy I was feeling completely lost and unsure of myself and the world. I had just matriculated and had no idea how to move forward and start creating the life I wanted to live. My emotional baggage and self limitations were stopping me from doing what I really wanted to do which was sing, dance and act. Not only that, I was allowing my past to control my present and future. I was allowing my ‘negative’ self to dictate how I was toward myself and others.

After my first session with Tracy, I felt emotionally and spiritually reborn. I realised so much in terms of what I really wanted in life and how I had been sabotaging myself. By the time the last session was over, I had a clear image of what I wanted in life, how and when I would achieve it, and I had completely let go of any limitations and baggage that may have been holding back.

It is amazing that I can now move forward with confidence and optimism.

I now know the power of me!!!”

~ Erin, age 18

“The transformational process that Tracy guided me through skilfully and compassionately shifted me out of some very old behaviour and beliefs and gave me a new and empowering perspective on my every day and my future.

I loved the process of exploring the timeline and the empowering feeling it gave me to connect to the eternal soul….WOW….this was the absolute highlight for me. To know myself as non-judgemental, eternal and wholly accepting of what is without needing to change anything was an amazing new awareness.

I learnt that every belief is set with a positive intention, it is simply that these stop supporting us and that we often don’t get a chance to change these unless we take the “time out” to do so.

The greatest challenge in consciousness development is holding the client through their process, making sure they are supported, nurtured and can gain the benefits they need from their process. Tracy did this bravely and confidently without ever questioning her commitment to my growth (even on the days I was resisting her support or the new possibility that was now available to me).

I would recommend Tracy and the transformational process she offers to anyone who wishes to shift themselves out of their old thinking and behaviour, have a fresh start on life and develop some new beliefs and key learnings to support them on their journey into the future. It was truly life changing and something I will always reflect on with a warm heart and a knowing smile.”

Susan Roy
Consciousness Coach, Reiki Therapist

“Prior to meeting with Tracy for her Breakthrough Program. I had much in my life, so much potential, ideas, feelings, excitement, yet so little to show for it. I was always off checking out the next shiny thing and not following through on what I knew I could make happen if I would just sit still long enough to do so.

I was also in a difficult period in my marriage. My husband and I had actually separated for 6 months in the past year, and though we had overcome our largest hurdles (lack of communication etc.) and were on the path towards reconciliation, I was still torn between wanting my independence, yet also wanting the cozy family life my husband and I had created with our son. I wasn’t sure I could be true to myself and committed to my marriage at the same time, but was very concerned about the impact of my conflicting feelings on my young son.

I honestly thought these struggles of going back and forth in my personal and professional life were just the “way things were” and I would have to be constantly vigilant to keep myself on the right track. I was very concerned that I did not have the energy to do this.

Fortunately, this was when I had the opportunity to work with Tracy. We started the Breakthrough Program and I was immediately struck by how simple and straightforward her questions were, yet I had spent a lifetime not asking myself these very important questions. Quite quickly she helped me get to the heart of the matter in what was blocking me both professionally and personally.

I was astounded at some of the experiences and emotions that came up.  Each session resulted in a profound shift in my perspective. A shift that I could feel in the core of my body. And being grounded in my body is not a usual experience for me. I’m very analytical, always in my head, rarely present. So feeling the change take hold physically was eye-opening and world-altering. Seeing these changes play out positively in my life has been beyond exciting.

During one part of the process, we focused on my conflicting emotions within my marriage. Tracy expertly guided me through this “integration” process and I was amazed by what came up for me as I got to the heart of what really mattered to me as related to my family. By the end of the process, my conflicting state had been completely resolved and I had a new way of being in my marriage. My husband was not even physically in the country when this occurred and he picked up on my shift when we were in contact later that day. That one afternoon with Tracy accomplished more and created more lasting change, then months and months of marriage counselling.

Since then the emotional intimacy and communication in my marriage has only grown. My husband and I are finally operating as a team, greater than the sum of our parts, and this has been thrilling and comforting and grounding all at the same time. I attribute this to the integration process Tracy guided me through. It is incredibly powerful! I didn’t even know this could be possible prior to experiencing it. Our son (age 6) now has a functional family to support him and we regularly enjoy emotionally honest, conscious conversations as a family which is such a new experience and something I so wish I had as a child. Because his home life is secure, my son has been able to settle down at home and at school and really just enjoy being a kid.

The shifts in my marriage have been profound and I am so thankful to Tracy for helping me get to the point where all these good things can happen. My business is taking off. I do not feel stuck. The financial goals I set with Tracy are taking care of themselves. Even my Crossfit workouts have become more fun as I am no longer “scared” to really push it, no longer afraid to fail. The right people and situations are showing up as I need them. Life is not easy, per se, and there are still struggles, yet I am enjoying every day and believing that whatever does show up, I am more than able to handle. It is a wonderful way to move through life. Thank you, Tracy!”

~ Kerry Murray

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